To find your taste in wine, try these recommendations for experimentation based on these standard wines of France.

French Whites

if you like alsace gewurztraminer, try:

  • New World and Alto Adige gewurztraminers
  • Alsace tokay-pinot gris
  • Alsace and Vins de Pays d'Oc dry muscats
  • Condrieu, Californian, Australian and Languedoc viogniers
  • Argemtine torrontes

if you like bordeaux & entre-deux-mers, try:

  • whites from Dordogne and southwest France
  • dry whites from the Loire
  • Alsace sylvaner
  • inexpensive Chilean and South African sauvignon blancs
  • mature Hunter Calley semillon

if you like burgundy, try:

  • Pouilly-Fuissé, St.-Véran, and Côte Chalonnaise appellations
  • Vin de Pays de l'Ardèche, Limoux, Vine de Pays d'Oc chardonnays
  • chardonnays from Puglia
  • South African chardonnays
  • California, Orgeon, and New York State chardonnays
  • Yarra Valley, Margaret River, and New Zealand chardonnays
  • Australian chardonnays

if you like chablis, try:

  • unoaked Australian and New Zealand chardonnays
  • Bourgogne Aligoté, Alsace rieslings, Pouilly-Fumé, Sancerre, and Savennières
  • Verdicchio dei Castelli de Jesi
  • grüner veltliners and albariños

if you like champagne, try:

  • California, Australian, and New Zealand sparkling wines made of chardonnay and pinot noir
  • Saumur, Blanquette de Limoux, and Crémant de Bourgogne
  • Spanish cava

if you like muscadet, try:

  • Gros Plant, Sauvignon de Touraine, Chablis, Bourgogne, Aligoté, and Vin de Pays des Côtes de Gascogne
  • north Italian whites (such as Soave and pinot grigio), dry Vinho Verde, and German dry wines

if you like muscat de beaumes-de-venise, try:

  • Midi cins doux naturels
  • Spanish moscatels and PX wines, and Portugal's Moscatel de Setúbal
  • Samos from Greece
  • Moscato Passito di Pantelleria from Italy
  • CCalifornian orange muscat
  • South African Constantia
  • Australian liqueur muscats
  • Australian botrytized rieslings

if you like sancerre & pouilly-fumé, try:

  • sauvignons from New Zealand, Chile, South Africa, California, and Austria
  • Loire sauvignons and other French wines labeled sauvignon
  • Hungarian and northern Italian sauvgnons, and Rueda from Spain
  • Austrian grüner veltliner

if you like sauternes, try:

  • Ste.-Croix-du-Mont, Cadillac, Loupiac, and Monbazillac
  • New World botrytized semillons and rieslings
  • sweet wines from Austria and Germany; Hungary's Tokaji Aszú and Eszencia

Other Whites

if you like australian chardonnay, try:

  • other New World chardonnays
  • Puglia, Salento, and Navarra, and French vins de pays
  • Barossa Valley, Chilean, and New Zealand semillons
  • Australian marsannes and verdelhos
  • South African oaked chenin blanc

if you like frascati & other italian whites, try:

  • other Italian whites, baring chardonnays
  • whites from southwest France, the Loire, and Alsace
  • new-wave German whites
  • cheap blends from Chile, Argentina, and South Africa

if you like mosel & other german rieslings, try:

  • rieslings from other countries
  • Vin de Pays des Côtes de Gascogne and English wines
  • muscat from Puglia and Pays d'Oc
  • demi-sec or moelleux Loires

if you like new zealand sauvignon blanc, try:

  • more expensive sauvignons from Chile and South Africa
  • Chablis, Sancerre, and Pouilly-Fumé
  • superior Bordeaux and southwest France sauvignons
  • Hungarian sauvignons
  • rieslings from Australia, Alsace, Austria, and Jurancon

Oaky & Oak-Free

if you like oaky whites, try:

  • New World chardonnays and other full-bodied whites
  • French whites labeled élevé en fûts de chêne (matured in the oak barrels or fûts neufs (new barrels)
  • oaked viura and white Riojas
  • Australian oaked semillons

if you like oak-free whites, try:

  • aromatic varietals, including sauvignon blanc and riesling
  • Loire, Alsace, Mâcon, Bordeaux and Bergerac, Jurancon, non-chardonay vins de pays, Chablis
  • German, Italian, and Hungarian whites

French Reds

if you like oak-free whitesbeaugolais

  • gamay wines; pinot noirs from Alsace and Sancerre, and Chinon
  • German and Hungarian reds
  • Bardolino, Valpolicella, dolcetto, and grignolino
  • tarrango and lighter grenache wines from Australia
  • Argentine bonarda

if you like bordeaux, try:

  • Bergerac, Buzet, Côtes de Duras, and Côtes de Saint-Mont
  • Vin de Pays d'Oc cabernets and merlots; cheaper Chilean and South African examples
  • norht Italian merlots

if you like burgundy, try:

  • California and Oregon pinot noirs
  • South African (Walker Bay) pinots
  • Yarra Valley, Adelaide Hills, and New Zealand pinot noirs
  • Chilean pinot noirs from Casablanca
  • Alsace and vins de pays pinots
  • Austrian, German, and Swis spätburgunder (or blauburgunder)

Other Reds

if you like australian shiraz, try:

  • shiraz/syrah from South Africa, New Zealand, California, and Languedoc
  • Châteauneuf-du-Pape
  • wines from Puglia, and Carignano del Sulcis from Sardinia
  • Australian/Spanish grenache
  • Californian zinfandel, South African pinotage, and Argentine malbec

if you like barolo, try:

  • Piedmont nebbiolos and barberas
  • Brunello di Montalcino and Aglianico del Vulture
  • Hermitage and other northern Rhône wines
  • New World nebbiolos and blends

if you like chianti, try:

  • New World sangioveses
  • Carmignano, Morellino di Scansano, Parrina, and Rosso di Montalcino
  • Rosso Cònero and Rosso Piceno Superiore

if you like chilean cabernet sauvignon, try:

  • cabernets and merlots from California, Australia, Washington State, and Argentina
  • Vines de Pays d'Oc
  • Romanian, South African, and New Zealand cabernets and merlots
  • Chilean carmenère, Argentine malbec, merlots from both countries
  • Spanish and New World tempranillos

if you like rioja, try:

  • Valdepeñas and Navarra reds
  • Ribera del Duero
  • New World tempranillos
  • oaky reds

if you like valpolicella, recioto, & amarone della valpolicella, try:

  • Bardolino, Barbera d'Alba or d'Asti, dolcetto, grignolino, Lago di Caldaro, and lagrein
  • Chianti and Montepulciano d'Abruzzo
  • Californian, Argentine, and Australian sangioveses and bonardas
  • Sagrantino Passito and Sagrantion di Montefalco
  • French vins doux naturels, and mature northern Rhônes
  • Priorato from Spain and top Portuguese reds

Oaky & Oak-Free

if you like oaky reds, try:

  • New World shiraz, cabernet sauvignon, malbec, pinotage, and merlot
  • Spanish wines labeled crianza, reserva, and gran reserva
  • reds from Languedoc and Puglia

if you like oak-free reds, try:

  • top burgundy
  • Beaujolais and similar wines
  • young grenache, tempranillo, and bonarda wines
  • Loire pinot noirs
  • some merlots

Other Stuff