Gamay: (Gah-MAY) A red grape used to make Beaujolais wine.

Gamay Beaujolais: A red grape grown in California.

Garnacha: (Gar-NAH-cha) A red grape grown in Spain that is related to the Grenache grape of the Rhône Valley region of France.

Gevrey Chambertin: (Zhehv-RAY Sham-burr-TAN) A village in the Côte d'Or in Burgundy, France.

Gewürztraminer: (Ge-VERTZ-tra-MEE-ner) The "spicy" white grape grown in Alsace, California, and Germany.

Gran Reserva: A Spanish wine that's had extra aging.

Grand Cru: (Grawn Crew) The highest classification for wines in Bur gundy.

Graves: (Grahv) A basic dry wine from the Bordeaux region of France.

Grenache: (Greh-NAHSH) A red grape of the Rhône Valley region of France.

Hectare: A metric measure that equals 2.471 acres.

Hectolitre: A metric measure that equals 26.42 U.S. gallons.

Halbtrocken: The German term meaning "semi-dry."

Hermitage: (Air-mee-TAHZH) A red wine from the northern RhôneVal ley region of France.

Jerez de la Frontera: (hair-ETH day la fron-TAIR-ah): One of the towns in Andalusia, Spain, where Sherry is produced.

Jug wine: A simple drinking wine.

Kabinett: (Kah-bee-NETT) A light, semi-dry German wine.

Landwein: A German table wine; one step above Tafelwein.

Liebfraumilch: (LEEB-frow-milch) An easy-to-drink white German wine; it means "milk of the Blessed Mother."

Liqueur de Tirage: (Lee-KERR deh Teer-AHZH) In the Méthode Champenoise, a blend of sugar and yeast added to Champagne to be gin the wine's second fermentation.

Lodge: The English term for a Port firm.

Long-vatted: A term for a wine fermented with the grape skins for a long period of time to acquire a rich red color.

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